DOT Exams

Doctor performs CERTIFIED DOT PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS to medically qualify drivers to obtain their CDL license.

Our price is $90.00/exam/individual
$80/exam/individual for companies set up for billing

Please call for a convenient appointment at 724-776-4377

Flexible hours and weekend availability. 

Along with in office exams, we offer on site exams for trucking and bus companies. Companies can be set up for billing. 

What is involved in a DOT Exam? 

1. Medical History

Drivers will need to fill out a brief two page form. 

2. The Exam Includes 

Blood pressure, pulse, exam of eyes and ears, range of motion, urine test ( not a drug test) 

3. Exam takes approximately 30min. 

4. When you leave, you will be given the original medical examiners certificate, a reduced laminated card for your wallet, a copy of the exam and certificate for your records. 

5. Results of your test will be entered on the National Registry within 24 hours of your exam. 

What you would need for the exam: 

1. Current driver's license 

2. A list of all medications you are presently taking

3. Dates of surgeries 

4. Eyeglasses or contacts (if used)

5. Hearing aides (if used)

6. Any recent test results for cardiac issues or diabetic problems (A1C results – performed within the past 3 months)

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